How Do we do it? 

With a little help from our friends.

It takes a village, a lot of labor, and a fair amount of cash to get this baby to the playa. Our base recommended donation is $150, but even that isn't enough to get us out there. 

If you're interested in being an angel contributor to the "Bounce Car" please give Jeff Peters or Toby Thiermann a call. We need a handful of people to step it up and this contribution does not go unnoticed!

 If you are interested in being one of these f*cking awesome and super generous people you will know deep down in your heart that all these burners and bounce enthusiasts have you to thank for their life changing experience on the playa.

* Angel Contributors will always be guaranteed a prime spot on the bounce car at our busiest times.  Please come and join us front and center during our biggest sets, even when we are closed due to capacity and weight, we will make room for those of you who stepped it up!