1. Tell us who you are - Fill out the camper form of 10 simple questions
  2. Let us know how much space you need for your immediate crew/setup, and what you are bringing. Ex. RV's, carports, art installations, canopies ect. 
  3. Contribute funds to help us pull off this crazy undertaking.


Our base camp fee is $250.

We ask campers with a large RV's to contribute extra will contact you after you registar with details.

Every enthusiastic bounce camp member is welcome money or not. Let us know if you need a low income option and we are positive we can work something out. 

Camp fees cover just the tip of the iceberg.  In order to bring the Bounce Car to the playa we need to pay for FIRE, ICE, BOOZE and FUEL.  Your contribution helps us get there.

We also need man and woman power to help pull this off.   Throughout the week the car needs your help including..... 

  • building and breaking down the car
  • stocking and manning the bar
  • the set up
  • daily maintenance
  • cleaning post party
  • driving the whip
  • watching the door
  • livin' the dream



Payment will be made via Paypal or Venmo - once you register we will be in touch with details and deadlines.


The bounce mobile will be loaded with booze and mixers. We've had the awesome support of local bar owner Mike Pitt in the past whose generosity has helped us stock the car with high quality and tasty libations. Since we spend most of our time on the Playa rolling the car and partying, we ask bounce campers to plan for and bring their own meals and cooking situations. 

Each camper is encouraged to bring extra hard alcohol that they enjoy as well as a 30 pack of beer per person to stock the bar. 

*Please visit the burning man website for suggestions on appropriate water and rations, so that you don't die out there on the playa. 


We have a no tolerance MOOP policy. Personal trash is your own responsibility and we ask that everyone leave with their share. 

The bounce car will have trash bags on it. We encourage people to keep an eye out for moop, so that we keep our end of the no moop policy.

  • Power cords and power strips 

  • Lights, lanterns, party lights, whatever

  • Extra generators 

*For large camp objects and build outs contact one of the camp coordinators to plan your ideas.